Our Mission

The mission of Camp Hope is as follows:

  • We want each camper to realize that they are Loved, Valued, Created for Purpose
  • Provide a safe camp experience where campers will encounter and grow in their relationship with God and learn life skills that will better equip them to live lives that are pleasing to God once they leave camp.
  • Help the campers to learn Leadership Skills and Communication Skills that will better equip them to interact with their parents and peers.
  • Teach the campers how to live in the world while instilling God's values so that they might prosper in realizing God's plan for them.

The camp's strategy to accomplish its mission is primarily through children. In the 2021 camp year, Camp Hope intends to host children in the community for day and weekend camps. The majority of children that Camp Hope serves may have never, nor will they ever have an opportunity to have a camp experience. Transportation, food, and lodging are all provided at no cost to the participants.

Contact us today to see how you can join us to make the dreams of these kids come true.

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