Camp Hope on the Grand Mesa in Colorado


Camp History

The camp at Grand Mesa has been owned and operated by the Kiwanis Club of Grand Junction for over 75 years. The camp started out as a place for Kiwanis members to bring youth of the community to experience life outside the city. Over the years the Kiwanis Club of Grand Junction has shifted their focus from hosting children at the camp to raising money to support children’s organizations and programs while allowing other community organizations the opportunity to use and share the camp. Other programs that have managed the camp include the Boy Scouts and Hilltop.


With the support of Kiwanis and various other community organizations the camp has grown it’s facilities over the years to what they are today. The camp has a long history of community support.

Beginning in 2009, Camp Hope formed a strategic alliance with Canyon View Vineyard Church and took advantage of the opportunity to operate the camp and its programs. Since then, various churchs and local organizations have joined Camp Hope in our mission to serve the youth of our community.  

In 2010, Camp Hope Inc. recieved its 501 (c)(3) non-profit status and operates under the direction of the Camp Hope Board which oversees the day to day operation of the camp and its staff of volunteers.

Camp Hope provides a unique opportunity to focus on the youth of our communities. Take part in the rich history of this camp by helping us write a blessed future for Camp Hope.