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Letter from the Camp Hope Directors
 Over the last 14 years, we have seen lives changed not only in the children that are able to come to camp but also in the lives of the people who give of their time and resources to the camp. We have been told over and over- as well as experiencing it ourselves, how investing in the lives of these kids has profoundly changed the hearts of the missionaries and benefactors of Camp Hope.   It is our hope that what you have learned has impacted you on some level to encourage you to partner with us to continue and expand this much-needed ministry.
Since our marriage in 1996, both Carrie and I have felt a strong calling to helping disadvantaged youth and their families realize their potential in life. We both realized that money and material “stuff” was not the answer to helping them overcome the generational poverty mentality that many are in. It is through instilling Hope and introducing them to the love of Jesus that their healing and true potential can be achieved.
Ten years ago we were given the opportunity to help these kids and their families through the gift of Camp Hope. With much prayer and wise counsel, we believe it is God's vision for us to reach these families by providing an experience outside their everyday life to enable them to see a much brighter future. By giving them an opportunity to challenge themselves, we see their eyes opened to new and exciting possibilities. Many of these kids are living in pain from abuse, addictions, broken homes, foster care, parents who are incarcerated, deaths of loved ones, and a multitude of other situations that give them a sense of hopelessness. Camp Hope is a place to start rebuilding these lives by providing the tools to help them grow into the young men and women that God has intended them to be. Camp Hope is a place to let them know that they are Loved, Valued, and Created for Purpose!!!
So please consider joining us in giving the children and families of Mesa County and surrounding communities the opportunity to experience life in abundance as is God's hope for us all. The impact will have eternal ramifications as well as changing the future of our valley. With your help, it is our hope that every kid in Mesa County will be able to experience God's love at Camp Hope.
Louis and Carrie Nelson
Camp Hope Directors
Camp Hope Board Members

Louis Nelson - President

Pastor Scott Nilson- Vice President

Tom Kaper- Treasurer

Dorothy Tatum- Medical Supervisor

Lisa Driskell  - Board Member

Bobby Jo Valencia- Board Member- Kingdom Buddy Director

Jeremy Brown- Board Member

Jacob Storey- Board Member

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